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Celebrate Easter with NewLife

April 3, 2013

Easter celebrations in our communities across the state were a huge success.  The Red Oak community had 100 people in attendance, both residents an non-residents.  Charles H. Commandery 41 donated all of the hotdogs and Easter eggs for the event. 

The ladies from First Baptist Church in Stephenville conducted a Bible study and made goodie bags for the children at Riverwalk. “We worried all day for fear it was going to rain but luckily it didn’t rain,” said Mary Castorena, Community Coordinator.  There were enough eggs that each child received 21-30 eggs.

Pastor Johnson, gave a lecture on the Resurrection of Jesus to the residents of Stone Hearst.   They enjoyed chili hotdogs and music, along with an Easter egg hunt and games for the children.  The seniors also enjoyed and egg hunt and games.

Anson Park Community:  We started the event with a rotation of activities for the children to do with their parents. We had egg decorating/coloring, an egg roll competition, and a bunny hop race, and the latter two were held outside. For indoor activities we had a record player to enjoy spring fling type music. For lunch we served pancakes and roasted potatoes with lemonade. After all the tables were served lunch, our guest speaker was introduced, Pastor Riley Hood. He led a short devotional about what Easter means and the importance of the life Jesus lived and ended with a prayer. After most people had cleaned up lunch, the kids were gathered to hear the rules of the Easter Egg Hunt. While the kids were taken outside with parents and some volunteers for the hunt, the remaining volunteers stayed indoors to clean up. The teens assisted with activities including cooking serving lunch and clean up. Also, a handful of parents volunteered, some even arriving early to prepare! Parents who brought their kids were involved with their kids thru the activities, so it seems that this even definitely promoted engaging family time as well as community time. – Ashley Parker, Community Coordinator

Anson Park Seniors:  We had a good turnout for this event. As the residents arrived they were able to join in on singing Christian songs. We had made up song books to use at events such as this one. Minister Carol Jones led the singing. NewLife & Alpha Barnes supplied the ham, rolls and drinks. The residents brought a dish to share. We ate some delicious food, no one went away hungry. As we ate Carol blessed us with her beautiful voice. Rey Sandel-  The Director of the Dream Center came to speak about “The True Meaning of Easter”. We did an Easter craft decorating crowns to go on our heads signifying “The Crowning of our King- Jesus. The craft was facilitated and items brought to make the crowns by Rocky who in the past came to do scrapbooking with the ladies. – Kathleen Hewes, Community Coordinator

Stone Hearst Family:  As the time drew near, kids and adults alike were entering the clubhouse for one of Miss Breah’s famous chili hotdogs!  Once everyone’s belly was full, Pastor Johnson (senior resident) came forward to speak about the Resurrection of Jesus!  After being spiritually fed, it was time to grab your basket or plastic grocery bags, line up in your appropriate age group and hunt eggs!  As each group completed their hunt, they returned to the clubhouse for games (i.e. Pin the Tail on the Bunny, Musical Chairs, Easter crafts) and music.  Our lovely mail clerk, Tonja Johnson donated a large Easter basket to be raffled off.  The lucky winner was 5 year old, Tylan Coleman!  Before we could get a photo of Mr. Coleman with his basket, he had torn into it; and, the shining STARS who did not win the basket were standing by to grab whatever fell away from it! Once we cleared up this small catastrophe, we dismissed for the evening. –Mecheal Faulk, Community Coordinator

Stone Hearst Seniors:  Today seniors gathered to enjoy an afternoon of fun.  There were several activities they could partake in.  Some included: pin the tail on Peter Cottontail, Secret message, musical chairs and an egg hunt! They also enjoyed the Right/Left game that had their names in the story.  Afterwards seniors savored the taste of delicious hotdogs on the patio!

The Villages of Huntsville:  Calvary Baptist joined us in putting together this wonderful celebration. They brought with them 21 fabulous volunteers. What a wonderful blessing they are. They also donated $350 worth of food and drinks. Alpha Barnes donated 800 plastic eggs and the candy to fill them. We started the event with a live band from the church, bouncy house in the park and snacks. We all came together and sang a worship song together. We had potato sack races and spoon races where we gave out mini Easter baskets for prizes. Every child that participated was able to get a basket. We split the residents into groups for a 20 minute Bible study about Easter. I was amazed all the residents stayed and attended the event. We died and colored Easter eggs, the kids got their faces painted, and they colored Easter pictures and complete two Easter crafts. We separated the kids for the Easter egg hunt and they were so happy to see the Easter Bunny show up to help them. We ended the event with hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. What an amazing day. – Misty Rankin, Community Coordinator

Villages at Snyder:  The Easter Celebration was very successful.  There was good attendance and good food.  Mr. Huff, minister from the 37th St. Church of Christ gave a short devotional about the meaning of Easter being important all year and a prayer before we ate.  Everyone brought sandwiches and we also made tuna and egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs, a cheese dip and there were chips and celery and carrots and ranch dip.  There was a big Easter egg hunt with over 200 eggs to find.  Prize eggs were given to those finding the most eggs, those finding the least eggs, and those helping to hide eggs.  There were also favor bags for all who did not get a prize egg.  All had a great time. – Karol Dent, Community Coordinator

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