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Earth Day, April 22

April 26, 2013

Our NewLife Communities celebrated Earth Day across the state with various events.  The children in the after school program at Riverwalk Community  enjoyed planting a red-tip futunia bush by the pool for Earth Day.

At the Anson Park Community, 57 people attended the event.   “We started the event with an outdoor activity in the shade. This craft was geared toward the kids and we had a few parents helping out. The teens facilitated the activity by groups. The purpose was to make a depiction of earth using markers on a coffee filter, then the filter gets sprayed with water to make a fun effect. Next, everyone joined the other adults indoors, and were guided to tables where there were Earth Day worksheets to work on such as crosswords, word jumbles, and coloring pages. This activity also allowed the parents who attended to interact with their children. The room was decorated for a party including “Did You Know?” signs throughout the room teaching fun facts about Earth Day. Then, we called all residents present with March and April birthdays to the front. Each got to put a candle in the cake and we all sang “Happy Birthday.” These residents each received a personalized Birthday Card and invitation on their door for tonight. Cake, cupcakes, and 3 ice cream flavors were served.” –Ashley Parker, Anson Park Community Coordinator

Anson Park Seniors:  “We had a pot luck that consisted of salads, fresh vegetable and fruits. Most all enjoyed the food. There were a few who were wondering where the meat was. After we ate we acknowledged the April Birthdays and had cake. A representative from the Keep Abilene Beautiful came to talk about recycling and the importance of using products that are biodegradable. It was a good thing I chose to use plates that were biodegradable instead of using the usual Styrofoam plates for this event. The residents also got a chance to plant herb seeds using a recyclable aluminum can and took them home. We already received reports of those that started growing.” –Kathleen Hewes, Anson Park Seniors Community Coordinator

Stone Hearst:   “Residents were not certain of what “Earthy Day” involved.  After enjoying refreshments, they were issued a small booklet with various ideas/suggestions to help keep the Earth clean (i.e. air pollution, using herbs, planting foods, much more).  Once they realized what it included they had a few things to add to the booklet!  Many reached in their memory banks and shared how wonderful it was when life was basic. How things took longer to complete, yet it was far less complicated than things are today.    Afterwards, residents planted seeds to nurture near the pool during this season.  They weren’t too excited when asked to join the community in picking up loose trash!  Many assured Miss Breah they would pick up any loose trash found on their porch or yard area!   That was good enough for her!” –Mecheal Faulk, Stone Hearst Community Coordinator

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