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For where two or three have gathered together in My name... -Matt. 18:20

September 21, 2012

Never underestimate the power of prayer.  The last celebration of the summer for the Anson Park community was fast approaching; and, the children were anxiously awaiting the event.  Much to their dismay, a couple of hours before the event, ominous clouds formed and it began to rain.  Groups of concerned children flooded the office.  “Ms. Ashley will we still have the party today?” they asked.  They were distraught at the possibility of the party being canceled.  As Ashley wasn’t sure how to answer, she told the children to pray about it.  “Soon after that a resident walked into the office and asked me why there were a bunch of kids lying on the ground in the rain.”  It turned out, they were praying for the rain to stop!  “It was a beautiful moment and God responded! The sky cleared and we had our party with over 140 residents in attendance!! Hallelujah!”

 The faith of a child is always refreshing and should be an example for all to follow.

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