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Mother’s Day Spa Party at Anson Park Community

May 17, 2013

The Mother’s Day Spa Party was a great success! We had several stations set up around the room: yogurt-cucumber facials, manicures, back massages, foot soak/rub and satin hands treatment. All of our stations were created with simple do-it-yourself recipes which made this night financially possible. We had a teen or dad volunteer at each station to supervise several kid volunteers. As the moms arrived we offered them a cooled towel, a complimentary hair tie and a refreshing glass of spa water. We also served chocolate mints and watermelon for refreshments throughout the evening. We “trained” the kids to be very courteous and greet every parent. The kids served as waiters/waitresses and actually instructed moms and/or applied the relaxing activity as the moms stopped at their stations. The atmosphere was peaceful.  We dimmed the lights, lit tea lights and played calming music. The moms were very enthusiastic the entire evening; and, many of them commented that they would like to do this every year. At the end of the evening we raffled off coconut mint sugar scrub.  The kids took turns reading the letters they wrote for their moms during the after school program. We also displayed the mom portraits the kids made and moms were encouraged to guess which portrait they thought was them. There was lots of laughing and socializing between the moms throughout the night. -Ashley Parker, Anson Park Community Coordinator

Please visit the photo gallery on our community page for more pictures of the event.

*Support for programming at Anson Park is provided by the Community Foundation of Abilene*

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