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Words Hurt As Much As Punches

May 3, 2013

Bullying seems to be a topic that keeps reoccurring in the news.  As part of the Afterschool Programs at NewLife, children work on social skills and appropriate behavior.  In our Snyder community, the children discussed being polite to one another, not talking over others, and how words can hurt just as much as punching.  In other communities, the children learn lessons that games need to be played fairly or others won’t want to play them with you.  They also were taught the difference between inner & outer beauty.  A representative from Star Council showed a series of movies on bullying for the After School Children at Riverwalk.  She also provided worksheets on how to treat others and handle bullying.  At Stone Hearst, there was a discussion on the types of bullying and how some of it can be criminal.  The children were asked to write down if they had been bullied, explain how it occurred, and how it made them feel.  “We addressed each incident verbally yet confidentially,” said Mecheal Faulk, Stone Hearst Community Coordinator.

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